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    Setting Up a Strong Device Management System with M365 Intune Setup Services

    At Chiefs of IT, we understand the importance of secure and efficient mobile device and app management for organizations. That’s why we offer Microsoft 365 Intune services, which provide a cloud-based solution for managing and securing your devices, apps, and data. With our expertise in Microsoft Intune, we can help you set up and manage this powerful tool, ensuring that your sensitive data is protected and that your devices are up-to-date with the latest security and feature releases.


Common Issues During Microsoft 365 Intune Setup

Intune Service Health & Tenant Health Check

Not a Valid License Assigned to User

User is Not Part of Correct AAD Group

Compliance Policies and Configuration Profiles Deployment Status

Assignment Status to Users or Groups

Mobile apps, App Protection Policies, Enrolment Restrictions

Microsoft Intune


  • Intune subscription: is licensed as a stand-alone service which is part of Enterprise Mobility + security (EMS)
  • Sign in to Endpoint Manager admin center as global administrator or Intune service administrator
  • Set Intune Standalone as MDM authority
  • Add users and groups which will receive the policies you create in Intune.
  • Assign Intune license to your users, then only user devices can enroll in Intune
  • Customize company portal app so it includes your organization details
  • Enroll devices
  • Enrolling devices allows them to receive the policies we create like Compliance policy, Configuration Profiles etc. 










Configuration Manager

If you want the features of Configuration Manager (on-premises) combined with the cloud, then consider tenant attach or co-management.With Configuration Manager, you can:

  • Manage on-premises devices
  • Manage Partner or third party software updates
  • Create custom task sequences when deploying OS
  • Deploy and manage apps


How Do Our Certified Admins Approach the Process





M365 Intune Setup Services is a solution for managing and securing mobile devices, PCs, and applications. The setup process includes initial planning, account setup, device enrollment, policy configuration, application deployment, and monitoring. By following these steps, organizations can successfully implement Intune and improve their device management capabilities.

Determining Your Application Management Strategy

Decide which applications you need to manage and what level of control you want to have over those applications.

Creating and Managing Application Groups

Group similar applications together and apply the same policies and settings to all members of the group.

Assigning Apps to Devices

Use Intune to assign apps to specific devices, either by requiring the app to be installed or by making it available for users to install voluntarily.

Using App Protection Policies

Use Intune app protection policies to secure data and restrict access to sensitive information.

Monitoring App Usage

Monitor the usage of apps in Intune to ensure they are being used effectively and to detect any issues

Keeping Your App Inventory Up to Date

Regularly update your app inventory in Intune to ensure that the latest versions of your apps are available to your users.



Educating Users

Educate your users about the importance of using apps securely and about the app management policies in place.



System Requirements for Microsoft 365 Intune Setup

The system requirements for M365 Intune Setup depend on the specific features and functionalities being used. Here are some general system requirements for using M365 Intune:

  • Android 8.0 and later (including Samsung knox 3.0 and higher)
  • Apple IOS 14.0 and later
  • Apple IpadOS 14.0 and later
  • MacOS 11.0 and later
  • Microsoft Windows 10/11
  • Ubuntu Desktop 22.04.1 LTS with a GNOME graphical desktop environment
  • Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS with a GNOME graphical desktop environment


M365 Intune: The Solution for Your
Device Management Needs

Management of all users and their devices which includes organization and personal owned


Deployloyment of app, manage updates or remove apps.


 Application Management

Robust App protection policy and accessibility to apps and its data

Automates policy deployment for apps, security, device configuration, compliance, conditional access etc.

Save time as you don’t have to set up device manually


Self-service password feature in company portal app for users


Complete control over application and security for your business and its sensitive data


Intune integrates with Microsoft defender for endpoint and other third party service



Why Should You Seek Professional Help and Not Do It Yourself?



While it may be possible for someone to set up Microsoft 365 Intune services on their own, seeking professional help is recommended. Microsoft 365 Intune is a complex technology that requires technical expertise to set up and manage properly. A professional with experience in Microsoft Intune can help ensure that the setup is done correctly, avoiding potential issues and implementing best practices for configuration and security measures. Additionally, a professional can help streamline the setup process, saving you time that can be better spent on other business activities.

Time Saving

Streamline the setup process and save you time that can be better spent on other business activities.

Best Practices

Implement best practices for Microsoft Intune setup, such as proper configuration and security measures to ensure the stability and security of your setup

Integration With Existing Systems

Ensure that integrations with other systems and technologies, such as Active Directory and Azure are done correctly and are functioning as intended.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

provide ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your Microsoft Intune setup running smoothly.


The Benefits of Partnering with Infrassist

We streamline, manage, and administrate remote devices enabling MSPs to manage IT needs remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks, and computers – on their own terms – simply, efficiently, and from anywhere.


Efficient Deployment

Infrassist has a dedicated Professional services department and tools for M365 complete ecosystem.


Enterprise Admin

Our engineers are M365 Certified Admins who take have extensive experience in Microsoft Intunetechnologies.


Expert Consulting

Our experts can consult and help you optimize your investment by recommending the most cost-efficient solutions for your requirements.


ISO27001 Certified

We are ISO27001 accredited so you can absolutely rely on us for your clients’ data



We have worked with 100+ MSPs giving us broad experience in streamlining operations.

Extended support


Uitgebreide ondersteuning voor uw klanten als MSP, zodat uw technici meer tijd ter plaatse kunnen doorbrengen om het resultaat te verbeteren.