Email migration from G Suite to M365

Change your business game by migrating your emails, calendars, contacts, etc. to M365.


A smooth data migration from G-suite to Microsoft Office 365 can be accomplished if you anticipate possible complications during the process and what it will take to fix the errors. That is exactly what Chiefs of IT does. Our approach to the migration process ensures that the process does not adversely affect ongoing operations in any way. It is meticulously planned by our experts to avoid any disruptions and not cause any loss of data. The right tools and the right expertise make the process seamless. Multiple successful data migrations from one environment to another for organizations of different sizes have helped us understand the nuances of the process and that’s how we stand out!

How Do We Approach the Migration Process?


Make Your Migration Successful with the Right Plans, Right Choices and Right Execution

To make a migration successful, we believe in adhering to some best practices that will make the process seamless and smooth.

  • RPlan the migration well, taking into account the goals, and the details of what, when and how to migrate
  • RChoose the right mail migration tool in view of the desired result.
  • RPrepare scope of work and create post-migration user manuals.
  • RCommunicate or inform the users about the new changes in the environment.


    Services We Offer about Professional IT Services

    Chiefs of IT’s expert technicians have a successful track record in migrations and ensure that your data is handled securely. Our migration process is fast, efficient and minimizes downtime for a smooth transition. We prioritize exceptional customer service and a personal approach to every project, which sets us apart from others. Trust Chiefs of IT for a stress-free migration experience with a partner you can trust to handle your valuable data with the utmost care.

    Smooth transition without affecting the current work environment

    Save costs by planning licensing needs and get value for money

    Flexible scalability with cloud subscriptions and advanced email security

    Evaluation of the current configuration of security and compliance requirements

    Better data uptime and disaster recovery response time


    Empower Your Team With Seamless CollaborationAdvanced Security Optimized Productivity!


    M365 Mail Migration Seamless transition of user mailboxes from migration with less disruption or no disruption as we move your emails from the old environment to the new environment!

    High Availability and Accessibility of Data

    M365 has high data availability and accessibility, even users with disabilities can use the email service effectively.

    Cost efficient

    M365 is cost-efficient with cloud and pay-as-go plans that help you estimate and manage your costs.

    Multi-gro Redundancy

    M365 Mail data is stored in multiple, geographically dispersed data centers, reducing the risk of data loss in the event of a disaster in a single location.

    Data collaboration

    Seamless collaboration with apps and integration with other M365 tools makes communication and organization of tasks easier and faster.

    Centralization of Data

    M365 Mail lets you organize and categorize your emails with folders, flags and tags, making it easier to find important information.

    Advanced Security

    Offers robust security and compliance options such as information governance, MFA, threat protection, privacy controls, and device management.

    Support and Future Scalability

    Evaluate the existing onboarding process of new customers.

    Better Spam and Phishing Protection

    M365 Mail has advanced spam filtering and phishing protection, keeping your inbox free of potentially dangerous emails.


    Requirements for the Migration

    Determination of the Current Platform

    Whether the customer currently uses Google Workspace or Exchange on-premise.

    Selection of the Appropriate Method and Procedure

    Select the appropriate migration method and assess the existing infrastructure and plan the migration accordingly, including services, identity, service health, application capacity, etc.


    Evaluate network stability, upload speed, ISP delays, firewall rules, etc.

    Reference support

    Reference support for email migration from G Suite to Microsoft 365 (M365) is critical to ensure a smooth transition and maintain seamless communications for businesses. Support includes monitoring the migration process to ensure data accuracy and completeness, resolving any technical issues that arise, and providing user training and support. It also includes maintaining and optimizing the M365 environment to ensure it meets the changing needs of the organization. Good reference support also includes implementing security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. In addition, the support team must be available for troubleshooting and answering questions to ensure that users can use the new system effectively. In short, reference support is essential to a successful transition and continued success of the M365 environment.