Best IT Automation Services for MSPs

Focus on tasks that require your attention, let IT Automation handle the rest

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Custom IT Automation from Chiefs of IT

IT automation is a crucial tool for companies looking to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve IT services. Chiefs of IT is the ideal option for those looking to streamline their IT operations. Our experienced team can design, implement and maintain custom automation solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer while you focus on your core business. Using the latest tools and technologies, Chiefs of IT can help companies improve their IT services while reducing costs and increasing efficiency, making them more competitive.


Automated Solutions at Your Service!

With IT Automation enabled and implemented, you can do more with your existing staff. Your team can focus on other important matters while Automation takes care of your routine tasks. You can schedule tasks on your RMM (such as automatic patch updates, daily, weekly, and monthly reports, disk cleanup, weekly maintenance, and more) and configure tasks to take action.

Focus on the Important

Scale Your Operations

Streamline Business Processes

Increase Efficiency

Improve Workflows with Ease

Convenience Execute once, deploy repeatedly


We offer Automation Services across the board

We streamline, manage and administer remote devices, allowing MSPs to remotely manage IT needs and proactively monitor customer endpoints, networks and computers – on their own terms – easily, efficiently and from anywhere.

Remote Monitoring and Management Tool

Automate an MSP’s RMM tool so that recurring tasks or issues can be proactively resolved and remediated. Our team creates Custom Scripts for your RMM tools based on your requirements and we create PowerShell scripts that make your daily IT tasks clearer.

Custom Integrations

Expand the capabilities of your applications and ensure that your systems and apps work together. We perform custom integrations using APIs that allow MSP companies to seamlessly manage any integration between different apps.

Power BI & Power Automate

Streamline repetitive tasks through proper implementation of Power BI and Power Automate. Microsoft customers can use our automation services to implement this across all their users’ profiles and systems simultaneously.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Windows Autopilot will be used to give the user a full Out of Box Experience (OOBE) that will be enabled for all new users.

Mobile Device Management & Mobile Application Management

Mobile device management and mobile application management will be used for Complete Device Management.