Best Firewall Audit Services for MSPs

Ensure Robust Firewall Protection for Your Customers with Our Auditing Services.

Disadvantages of an Inadequate Firewall

Unmanaged Weaknesses

Weak spots that allow suspicious entries through your firewall.

Unprotected Networks

Your network is exposed to vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Threats

You will constantly fall prey to ever-increasing cyber threats.

Loss of Data

Risk of loss of valuable data and information.


Why should you choose a firewall audit? a firewall audit ensures the effectiveness of the firewall in protecting the network against cyber threats and identifies vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to improve security. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, Chiefs of IT can help protect against cyberattacks and provide peace of mind that sensitive data is safe. A firewall audit from Chiefs of IT can help organizations improve their network security and ensure their firewall is working effectively.

Detailed risk assessment to identify security risks, incorrect configurations, risky rules, etc.

A constantly changing threat landscape – A comprehensive 360° audit at regular intervals helps keep the firewall hardened.

Audits ensure there are no misconfigurations – keeping customers safe.

Firewall Audit and Remediation to Build Strong Defenses for Network Infrastructure

Define objectives

The first step is to define the objectives of the firewall audit, including the scope of the audit, the specific objectives of the audit and the methodology that will be used.

Getting information

The auditor will collect information about the firewall to be audited, including its configuration, policies, and rules. This may include reviewing documentation, interviews with IT staff, and analyzing network traffic.

Firewall Configuration Analyze

The auditor will analyze the firewall configuration to ensure it is set up correctly, including checking that the firewall is up to date and that there are no unnecessary or unused rules.

Analyze Firewall Policies

The auditor will analyze firewall policies to ensure they are effective and comply with any applicable regulations or standards. This may include reviewing logs to see if there have been any attempts at unauthorized access.

Analyze Firewall Rules

The auditor will analyze the firewall rules to ensure they are configured correctly and provide adequate protection for the network. This may include identifying rules that are redundant or ineffective.

Conduct Vulnerability Assessment

The auditor will perform a vulnerability assessment to identify any vulnerabilities in the firewall, including any that could be exploited by an attacker.

Vindigen report

The auditor will prepare a report of his findings, including any problems identified during the audit and recommendations for addressing those problems.

Provide recommendations

The auditor will provide recommendations for addressing any issues identified during the audit, including any necessary changes to firewall configuration or policies.

Why Choose a Firewall Audit?

Chiefs of IT’s FWaaS offering is a comprehensive assessment of a customer’s layer 3 device firewall and configuration, including offline backup or read-only access, providing the following benefits:

Firewall Audit Consists of:

Review of Current Configurations and Policies

Risk analysis

Categorize Firewall Risks into High, Medium or Low

Manually Created Rules and Policies According to Best Industry Practices

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Enhanced Security

Firewall is Checked Against 100+ Checkpoints

Use of Automated Tools Chiefs or IT Manual Checks